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Closing out this year!  This will be the last year to get your roadkill!
Frogs sold out!   :(
Shipping will resume July 28th.  You can order now, but it won't be shipped until July 28th. 

Splattered Squirrel Plastered Poodle
Our Price: $19.00
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $15.00
Email me a better price
Splattered Squirrel Plastered Poodle, 10% of the profits goes to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Living in the city allows for many viewings of squirrels that have become roadkill. Those pesty city-rats that chew holes in your plastic garbage can or climb onto your roof and make a racket or zigzag in front of your vehicle and suddenly, SPLAT! it becomes roadkill.

This roadkill is made of washable fabric with a 4inch plastic ABS round disk in the middle to support a kickstand from melting into the hot asphalt or sinking into the dirt. Splattered Squirrel is a great mascot and protector of your bike or scooter. It is easily put into a tank bag or squished under a net along with your sleeping bag. A great way to show what you think of those pesty squirrels without getting in trouble with PETA.
Plastered Poodle is a pink fru-fru dog that you put under your kickstand because it reminds you of your neighbor's dog that yaps all Sunday afternoon when you are taking a nap (did I really write that down for people to see?).  OR you really like your dog or your neighbor's dog and you want to be reminded of it at all times so you bring the reminder with you on a motorcycle ride. 

Either way, it's pink and 10% of the profit from these kritters goes to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  So if your undies are in a bundle about the first paragraph you can support the pink poodle because it goes for a higher cause.
Flattened Frog Voodood
List Price: $19.00
Our Price: $19.00
List Price: $15.00
Our Price: $12.00
Email me a better price
Flattened Frog Voodood doll
The flattened frog will support the kickstand of your motorcycle or scooter from melting into the hot asphalt or sinking into the dirt.

Flattened Frog is especially perfect for you because you like bright colors and have an excellent sense of humor. You either like frogs or hate them. In either case, this frog makes you laugh. So you must have it for the moment you ride up to the hottest biker joint, pull up, take flattened frog out of your tank bag, place it under your kickstand and be cool. It's an instant conversation piece.
Voodood is a voo doo doll past tense, dead, roadkill, zombie.  It's a great mascot and moves like Woody from "Toy Story," you can adapt it however, you want.  I was mad at banks one day so I put  banks with a big red X on it's chest.  It felt good.  It's also great to have people sign it on your road trip, practical yet sentimental.  It looks hilarious hanging out the net near your sleeping bag. The dirtier it gets the more character it has, after all it's roadkill.

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